Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Relaxing by the Pond

We enjoyed doing some learning by our pond.  It was a beautiful day with cool breezes.  So we took a sheet and some snacks along with books and ocean manipulatives and headed outside.  The wonderful thing about schooling at home, it is easy to pick up and go to any learning environment one desires.

Having lunch before learning.

Had to eventually take off some clothes as it got a little warm.
Romeo is lining up the ocean animals from largest to smalles.
Juliet is examining one.

Romeo and I played a matching game.  These cubes have ocean animals on each side.  We put
them in the cup and after shaking it, dumped them out.  Then we counted the matching pairs. For
every matching pair, the person got to pick one of the ocean vinyl animals.  The one with the most animals wins the game.

Juliet has nature items in the pail with different textures, but the pond was too inviting for her. 
This was her reaction to the wagon blocking her way to the pond.
Romeo tickling Juliet with Shamu